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We’re Back: Sinful Saturday revived! Israeli women support the IDF!

Published July 26, 2014 by republicanfaithchat

We’ve been away for a while; I am still in mourning for Mitt the Mormon’s disastrous 2012 campaign.

We do have some problems in the Middle East; surprise, surprise, the Israelis and Palestinians are fighting again. The Israeli women are “behind” their troops; check out this awesome Facebook Page:


Now THAT is some support!




Are Muslim women in Burkas going to counter this?

But we’ll get to the real root of the troubles in the Holy land in the next post.


Sinful Saturday: Hippie Women Showing their Panties!

Published July 15, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

We have let things get completely out of control.

First we have a bunch of hippies in the “Occupy” movement…sooner or later:

How brazen can one of these lasses get?

Then when you think it is safe to go shopping:

Are we safe anywhere???

Sinful Saturday (belated): Twister is a Satanic Game!

Published June 26, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Can you believe that shameless hussies are playing the game “Twister” while wearing underwear…or less?

I can’t believe that society lets them get away with it. We must send bands of Promise Keeper Brothers to infiltrate such games…I’ll volunteer to lead the way!

Sinful Saturday: Crossfit is a Satanic Temptation!

Published June 2, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

A good bit ago, I was walking around, thinking about what stocks to buy and wondering WWMD? (What Would Mitt Do?).

Then I encountered a lass in spandex shorts and a rather curious t-shirt:

It says “Your Workout is Our Warmup”. Yeah right, you sassy lass! How is this: “your yearly salary is my coffee money!” or “your job is what I am going to cut to give myself a bigger bonus!” Take that!

Anyhow, I noticed how naughty her shorts were and decided to do some Christian Morality investigating. Then I found things like this:

My goodness…those tights are, well…tight! I figured things couldn’t get much worse until I saw:

Jesus, Joseph and Mary! There is so much wrong with this I don’t know where to begin! First of all, her yoga pants are spray-painted on. She is grunting, sweating and lifting something heavy! That is not ladylike! Then…her bent over sooooo deeply with such tight pants…my goodness, everything covering her lady parts is probably stretched to the breaking point and those lady parts are probably quite visible, at least in outline! At least the photographer had the decency to not take a photo from an unfortunate angle…while she was in that position…and then….I….saw…..

oh Lord……I have sinned….in my heart and all over my extra Kleenex…..please forgive me……please…..oohhhhh…

Needless to say, this cannot stand! This time, action was called for!

We had an emergency meeting of the Promise Keepers to seek out and review all such photos (a collection of which can be found here).

It was voted on and we decided to do some Christian Morality research by enrolling in a local Crossfit program; our plan was to bring in a small camera and do a morality investigation.

Of course, Crossfit involves exercise…but of mere women can do it

How hard could it possibly be?

But due to our lack of faith…we looked up a Crossfit routine on the internet and decided to try it out among ourselves.

However we must have not been Right With the Lord; Satan attacked us because of our lack of faith

We had to call the socialist EMT’s to give IV bags to a few of our Promise Keeper Brothers…and to use the defibrillator on a couple of more.

The rest of us had to use socialist health insurance to cover doctor’s visits; we had a couple of torn rotator cuffs, a few meniscus tears, and a stretched ligament or two…and a half dozen more of us threw out our backs.

No one made it past the first 25 percent of the workout. 😦

But our internet research can continue!