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Come on Mittens! Find some black guy to yell at!

Published January 25, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

This is disturbing:

A new national poll released Monday shows Newt Gingrich surging to a statistical tie with rival presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The former House speaker now has the backing of 28% of registered Republicans to Romney’s 29% nationwide, according to the latest results from Gallup’s daily tracking poll.

Voters were surveyed Wednesday through Saturday, mostly before and partially after Gingrich’s South Carolina primary victory.

What is going on here? REAL Republicans are voting for Mittens:

Newt Gingrich scored a big upset win in South Carolina Saturday beating the so called front runner Mitt Romney by a huge 12 percentage points. Even more surprising than the margin of victory was the fact that Gingrich won almost every county in the state and every voter category.

Many were shocked to see that Newt won the women vote over Romney by about 10% and he also won the Evangelical vote. Basically, every category except voters that make over $200,000 a year and voters that have master degrees went to Newt.

What is the matter with the riff-raff? Since when do people who are so pathetic that they can’t even pull 200K per year matter in a REPUBLICAN primary?

Mittens is going to have to yell at some journalists and some black people; he sure doesn’t know how to fight in a debate, as even the socialist New York Times noted:

Mitt Romney just doesn’t know how to rumble. It comes across as more of a fumble. Sometimes a mumble. And ultimately a stumble.

The man is terrible when he’s on the attack. He looked utterly uncomfortable with confrontation, like someone running into a machete melee brandishing a paté knife.

Monday night, Romney needed to take Gingrich down a peg or two and remind the Republican voters of Florida and the rest of America that he is their best chance of being competitive with Barack Obama. He failed. He just doesn’t have it in him.

But that didn’t stop him from trying. Romney opened the debate doing his best. For one, he attacked Gingrich for his role as an “influence peddler” for Freddie Mac. The message could have worked, were it not for the messenger. Romney simply couldn’t deliver the lines in a way that felt natural.

Come on Mittens! It almost as if you are threatening Newt with withholding your country club vote for membership!


NewtMittegdon! (says Daily Kos)

Published January 24, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

This debate is disgusting. Right now it is just Mittens and Nasty Newt just yelling at each other:

“you were a lobbyist” “no I wasn’t; you’re a liar”. “Republicans won seats under me and lost them under you.” “You supported more Medicare and Cap and Trade”. “You are phony”. “You are fat”. Ok, they didn’t really say the last one.

Mittens will have to find some black guy to yell at.

Dodd-Frank sucks. Financial institutions are over-regulated.

Good…Mittens says that banks and financial institutions are POORLY regulated and that Newt has lowered Mittens’ taxes to zero.


Ok, they are sucking up to the Cubans.

Paul: the Cold War is over; we propped up Castro with all of the sanctions…and we talked to the Soviets and Chinese. Why shouldn’t we trade with Cuba? We are living in the dark ages…it is NOT 1962.

Santorum: The JIHADISTS are coming to South America!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Paul: what about “The US is special and the rules that apply to everyone else don’t apply to us” do you not understand?

Ooooh….they have a babe on the journalist team.

Rick Santorum: nuke Iran. Obama sucks, Iran is a huge threat to the WHOLE WIDE WORLD and WE SHOULDN’T ALLOW IT. WE SHOULDN’T ALLOW IRAN. IRAN is coming for us to attack US!!!!

DRILL MORE off of the coast of Florida!!!

Languages: English only but campaign fliers in other languages are ok.

But Mr. Paul says that states can print ballots in other languages.

Newt: wouldn’t veto the DREAM act out of hand if they serve in the military. Mittens says “me too”.

Mittens: Obama sucks. He has no plans for NASA but he spends too much and plays too much golf.

Now it is getting boring; ZZZZZZZZ.

I’ll have to reconsider the triple chinned serial adulterer….

Published January 17, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

He sure knows how to put “them” in their place, doesn’t he?

I’ll have to give Newt another look.

Really, even the Socialist New York Times sings his praises. First they praise his success

Gingrich — whose net worth The Los Angeles Times has estimated to be $6.7 million, who was a history professor, who was paid $1.6 million dollars by Freddie Mac for “advice,” and who had a half million dollar line of credit at Tiffany’s.

Next they show how Dr. Gingrich really sticks it to “them”:

Gingrich said it outright earlier in the evening when responding to a question about how long former workers should be allowed to collect unemployment benefits:

It tells you everything you need to know about the difference between Barack Obama and the five of us: that we actually think work is good (applause). We actually think saying to somebody “I’ll help you if you’re willing to help yourself” is good (applause). And we think unconditionally efforts by the best food stamp president in American history to maximize dependency is terrible for the future of this country (applause).


But Williams wasn’t finished. He came back at Gingrich:

Williams: Speaker Gingrich, the suggestion you made was about a lack of work ethic, and I’ve got to tell you that my e-mail account and twitter account has been inundated with people of all races who are asking if your comments are not intended to belittle the poor and racial minorities. We saw some of this reaction during your visit to a black church in South Carolina.

(Boos from the crowd drown Williams out as Gingrich smirks. When the boos subside, Williams continues.)

You saw some of this during your visit to a black church in South Carolina where a woman asked you why you refer to President Obama as “the food stamp president.” It sounds as if you’re seeking to belittle people.

(More boos from the crowd.)

Gingrich: Well, first of all, Juan —

(Crowd giggles. Talk about belittling people. “Juan.”)

Wow. Maybe RFC has a new candidate?

Then again….Mr. Willard “Mitt” Romney still stands out:

Mitt Romney explains why he pays just 15 percent in taxes:

“It’s probably closer to the 15 percent rate than anything,” Mr. Romney said. “Because my last 10 years, I’ve — my income comes overwhelmingly from some investments made in the past, whether ordinary income or earned annually. I got a little bit of income from my book, but I gave that all away. And then I get speaker’s fees from time to time, but not very much.”

So how much in speaker’s fees does Mitt Romney consider to be not very much? To most people it would be a lot: $362,000 (h/t: Sam Stein).

So you can forget about $10,000 bets … Mitt Romney could make 36.2 of those and to him it would still be “not very much.” But while he may think $362,000 is “not very much” money

So how much more Republican can one get that this???

A cultist, a triple chinned serial adulterer, a neo-confederate, a crazy Papist and a Lush walk into a bar…

Published January 17, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Oh wait…that is tonight’s Republican debate. I’ll live blog it right here!

First Question: Newt, why did you attack Mitt so savagely?
Answer: he attacked me first, and I did better with jobs than he did.

To Newt: why are you acting like Barack Obama (by asking socialist questions)?
Answer: if Obama can ask questions, so can I. Obama will ask those questions.

To Newt: why did you be mean to Mittens for his corporate raiding?
Answer: it is good politics.

Mitt answers: I got very rich and did great in business and you can see my great records…and I lead the Olympics in Salt Lake City!!!!! I was a great governor (even if I governed as a Democrat)

To the Lush (aka Rick Perry): you jumped all over Mitt for doing stuff that you would make legal.
Rick: I was a great governor and created millions of jobs…and I visited a steel mill that Mittens closed up and I let people see my tax return!!! How about YOU Mitt????

By the way, we can’t fire our nominee (RFC: why not?)
Oh yeah, regulations suck but Mitt sucks too.

To Mitt: I need more time to get the mud off of me. Mitt: Yeah the steel mill sucked due to foreign steel. See, the Chinese cheat, and that mill was old anyway; we have a shiny new one! Oh yeah, Obama sucks.

To Mitt: American Patent Papers: they went bankrupt but your company made a ton of money. Mitt: Oh yeah, unions suck; we consolidated plants and offered those union lazies jobs at the non-union job. I did great at Staples! I am rich so you should trust me and Obama doesn’t have a jobs plan yet!!! (huh)

To Ron Paul: the Democrat (Jon Huntsman) said that you were too mean. Paul: no, I was just telling the truth and the rest of these people are socialists.

To Santorum: answer. Santorum: the liberals and commies lie about me and Ron Paul quoted them; he is quoting I missed a thing or two. Oh yeah, I was a Senator and to had to vote according to my state.

To Santorum: why are you mean to Mitt? Answer: I wasn’t mean until Romney got mean.
To Mitt: answer the question: should convicted felons have the right to vote.
Mitt: I’ll answer the way I want to but the Super Pacs ran that ad and…and remember that blacks are felons and are interested in this.

Mitt: says that people who committed violent crimes shouldn’t be able to vote ever again.
Santorum: Hey Mitt, you let those on parole vote…neener neener.
Mitt: hey I didn’t control that SuperPac run that ad and hey, I had Democrats running my legislature.

Santorum: Mitt, you should have denounced that SuperPac.

Rick: the insiders are having the discussion, let the STATES decide.

Mitt: I agree with the lush…er Rick.

Round One: Santorum 10, Mittens 8, Gingrich 8, Perry 8, Paul 9.

Round Two
Hey Mitt: the Democrat (Huntsman) endorsed you even though he called you a big time flip-flopper with no core values.

Mitt’s answer: Massachusetts was liberal but it went too far when they had embryonic research. Obama is making us like a European welfare state!!!!! I believe in Apple Pie and the American way with a kick-butt MILITARY.

Hey Rick “the lush” : what about these ID laws that the US court stuck down. This is MLK day; so you are saying that State’s Right’s are always supreme even when they do stuff like enforce non-segregation?

Rick’s answer: the federal government sucks (NRLB, immigration, etc.) The EPA and the Justice department sucks. Obama hates organized religion! Those mean old feds won’t give churches money!!!! Christians are persecuted victims!!!!!!

Hey Santorum: should we extend slacker (unemployment) benefits?
Santorum’s answer: 99 weeks is too long; so if we cut them off they’ll find a job easier…let the states do it all. Federal programs sucks. Make unemployment like welfare. Make ’em work, dammit!

Hey Newt: what about the 99’ers? What should the maximum length be?
Newt’s answer: all unemployment compensation should be related to training. WE REPUBLICANS think that WORK is GOOD but that BLACK Barack “foodstamp” Obama (did you remember that he is black) encourages laziness.

To Mitt: how do we recover?
Mitt’s answer: cut taxes on the rich and deregulate business and drill for more oil and build more nukes. President O has opened no new markets while the emerging economies have.

To Ron Paul: you want to reduce the military. South Carolina has lots of military bases and you want to cut US bases.
Paul’s answer: I want the troops on the USA on the home bases and not over seas. I get lots of money from active duty military.
To Paul: but you want to freeze defense spending at 2006 levels.
Paul: defense spending isn’t the same as military spending. I’d be like Ike!

To the candidates: highest tax bracket.
Perry: 10 percent flat
Romney: 25
Santorum: 28
Gingrich: 15 percent
Paul: 0 percent for everyone (economics crankery)

To Mitt: why won’t you release your tax records.
Mitt answers: I will “most likely” do it in April ….”most likely”

To Mitt: your dad was born in Mexico. You still oppose the DREAM act and Mexicans like that. Why?
Mitt’s answer: Mexicans know that Obama sucks. I don’t like illegals (wink, nod).

To Santorum: Obama is ignoring the blacks, don’t you think?
Santorum’s answer: A liberal think tank says that if you work, graduate high school and don’t get knocked up (and knock up someone else). But that mean Obama government wants the charity organizations to follow federal laws if they want federal money.

To Paul: South Carolina imprisons lots of blacks for drugs.
Paul’s answer: minorities ARE punished disproportionally and often for victimless crimes. These drug laws suck. We can’t do much about the discrimination but we should get rid of drug laws.
Note: MLK hated Vietnam and I would have too.

To Gingrich: when I said that black kids ought to be janitors in schools and that blacks don’t know how to work.
Gingrich: I am glad that I said what I did. Unions suck; you could hire thirty kids for the price of one union janitor. Those union people suck.

To Gingrich: but you said that blacks don’t have work ethic.
Gingrich: Obama puts lots of people on food stamps. He really is a food stamp president and if you object to that you are just PC.
Loud cheers from the audience.

Round Two Score card:

10 for Gingrich, 8 for Paul, 9 for everyone else.

Total for the debate:

Total; Santorum 19, Newt 18, Perry 17, Mittens 17, Paul 17.

Round 3:
To Paul: did you say that international law forbade us going after Bin Laden.

Answer: I was ok with going after Bin Laden but we shouldn’t be doing nation building. But we waited 10 years so why couldn’t we have done it with other channels. We should respect other nation’s sovereignty.

Why can’t we capturing people and trying them?

Gingrich: would you kill a Taliban rag head if you knew where he was even if he angered other rag heads?

Gingrich’s answer: Paul’s analogy was dumb (Chinese dissident). Kill them all!!!!

Paul: what did Gingrich say: we do lots of bad things to other countries, don’t do to them what we don’t want to do to us?

Catcalls from the rednecks in the audience.

To Romney: should we negotiate with the Taliban?
Romeny: kill them all! Obama sucks because he announced the withdraw date; WE ARE UNDER ATTACK and we should kill them all!!! Our military needs to be so strong that no one dare attack us!!!

To Mittens: the VP says that we might have to negotiate.
Mittens: we are weak pussies and I’d make us like Rambo.

Santorum: what about Syria?
Santorum: Obama sucks with his Syria policy by trying to talk to them. Obama hates Israel. We need Assad out of there. But we shouldn’t invade them. But we should do something…

To Perry: what about Turkey: the PM likes Hamas, hates Israel and Cyprus. Should they stay in NATO.
Perry’s answer: Go to zero with foreign aid and ask them to justify aid. Obama loves our enemies and hates our allies. Israel and the US ought to be tight.

To Perry: what were you thinking when Paul was talking.

Perry: he should get gonged. I served in the military but Obama hates the military and shouldn’t have urinated on the corpses. (Loud shouts from the hillbillies) But they do worse things. This President HATES the military. He hates the military because he wants to end the wars.

To Paul: what do you say?
Paul: I served in the military too. Remember the Taliban used to be our allies. The Taliban really want us out. It is Al Qeada that hates us, but you are too dumb to distinguish the two.

To Mittens: would you have signed the national defense act?
Mittens: yes. Obama can be trusted here (boos) But Obama still sucks and I’ll be Rambo.

To Santorum: would you have signed the law?
Santorum: Habeus Corpus should apply to US citizens. I’ll maintain that and not answer the question.

To Paul: what say you?
Paul: we can start pre-emptive war, can detain American citizens, the Patriot Act sucks, etc. Let our judicial system work as we have jailed terrorists.

To Perry: what about housing?
Perry: flat tax will help with this. Regulations suck. I was a great governor of a large state. Our housing market is great and growing because I am such a great governor. Balanced budget amendment, etc. Make Congress a part time body, etc.

To Perry: answer my question.
Perry: we don’t need no stinking Freddie and Fannie.

To Mittens: you said that you were surprised that the press didn’t press for specifics for social security and medicare.
Mittens: if you are 55 year old, nothing changes: for the nest generation: lower the inflation growth for high income recipients, means test, premium support program (private option), raise retirement age, get rid of Obamacare.

To Gingrich: what about your social security program?
Gingrich: you can do private investments (voluntary) PSA: can be private. If it falls below social security return rate, we’ll make up the difference. This works great in Chile and will work great here, so says a Harvard guy who worked for Regan.

To Santorum: you want to subsidize some industries with specific tax breaks, why?
Santorum: this isn’t socialist because I proposed it.
Note: Newt and Mitt’s plans are irresponsible. They will increase debts. Don’t do it now. Mitt is milquetoast.

Newt responds: we pay for our plan by cutting the fed’s plans for Blacks and Mexicans. And I balanced the budget (when Clinton was President).

Santorum: you are wrong.
Newt: I have a Harvard man that says I am right and Clinton balanced the budget.

Mittens: Rick is right (Rick Santorum). I was a great governor and I made millions in business.

This round: 8 for Paul, 9 for everyone else.

Total; Santorum 28, Newt 27, Perry 26, Mittens 26, Paul 25.

Round 4
To Mitt: you signed gun laws. why?
Mitt’s answer: because we weren’t ignorant hicks; we could compromise. But Obama sucks. No new gun laws.

To Mitt: have you hunted since 2007?
Mitt’s answer: elk and pheasants But not often. Rick Perry is more macho than I here.

To Rick Santorum: when Bill Clinton was president, you voted for a gun law. Why?
Santorum: we passed an easier law (compromise) and the NRA liked me. Paul sucks. We saved the gun industry with a gun liability limitation bill and he voted against it.

To Paul: what say you?
Paul: get real. It should be a state issue. You don’t have national state tort laws.

Santorum: Paul, we need federal protection .
Paul: tort law is a state function, period.

To Gingrich: super PACS have attacked you for supporting China’s one child bill. What say you?
Gingrich: they lie…if Romeny can’t control his super PAC, how can he run the country? Why doesn’t he denounce the ad?

To Mitten: what say you?
Mittens: I don’t approve the super PACs but I can’t tell them not to run them. Besides, your super Pac ad sucks more (Big Foot caliber hoax).

Newt: ok Mitt, is that a false ad?
Mitt: I’d like to get rid of super pacs?

Mittens: would you like to get rid of superpacs?
Mittens: yes, get rid of McCain-Feingold.

To Perry: more walls? Illegal immigration is down so why the new wall?

Perry: crossings are down because our economy sucks because Obama sucks. Americans LOVE border fences, thousands of troops, drones, fences, security…price is no issue!!!

To Gingrich: what about No Child Left Behind: failure or success?
Gingrich: yes, it sucks. Shrink the department of education, local control, let parents, teachers and students get back to learning.

Final round: 9 apiece.
My score:

Total; Total; Santorum 37, Newt 36, Perry 35, Mittens 35, Paul 34.