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Defeating Obamacare with Jesuscare

Published February 26, 2013 by republicanfaithchat

All right; things haven’t been as smooth as we’d like. We have Karl Rove trying to get real Republicans to win the primary elections and the riff-raff tea party trying to get their candidates on the ballot.

Ok, it is time for real Republicans to make some concessions that might be mutually beneficial. Those Republicans of lower intellect (and lesser wealth) like Jesus stuff, and real Republicans (those with means) really don’t like paying for stuff for the poors.

So contemplate this (what I saw on facebook):


Now…let’s mull this over a bit. These people think that Jesus will cure them. These people always talk about religious freedom, right? And, well…what about Obamacare health plans? The libs talked about the “public option”. I saw that we require Obamacare to offer the JESUS OPTION. Tell the government to add a plan that, say, pays ministers to pray for the sick (or to not get sick at all). This is much, much, much cheaper than medicine and then the libs object, bellow on and on about “religious freedom”, how Obama is a tyrant, etc. Of course, regular vaccines will be covered too, but that is about it.

We pay less, the poors get…well…Jesus…and everyone is happy. And, even better: some Democrats will probably go for this!

Think about it: in Illinois, gay marriage passed the Illinois State Senate. They won’t brining it up….yet…in the Illinois House which is also Democratically controlled. Why? Well, one reason: in Illinois, many of the Democrats are black, and the black churches are every bit as bigoted protective of traditional marriage as our own riff-raff! Remember the blacks got Proposition 8 passed in California! (70 percent! )

We can do this!


Yes, Mitt is NOT a Christian….

Published January 21, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

And much of what of what this pastor says is correct:

Bill Keller, the world’s leading Internet Evangelist and the founder of LivePrayer.com, with over 2.4 million subscribers worldwide reading the daily devotional he has written every morning for 12 years on the issues of the day from a Biblical worldview, says it is necessary today with the vast majority of the last two generations having never been to church, and with most of those who do being Biblically illiterate, to educate people on what Mitt Romney and Mormons really believe about African-Americans, God, Jesus, the Bible, and Biblical Christians.

Keller said, “It is not religious bigotry to tell people the truth about what Romney and Mormons really believe, since he and those in his ‘church’ lie when addressing these issues. […]

Keller stated, “Romney and members of his ‘church’ believe and teach that African-Americans are cursed and it has only been in the last few decades that they allowed African-Americans to join their ‘church.’ Just like polygamy, they have had to set aside their true beliefs on race to become mainstream, but that doesn’t mean they no longer believe what their ‘church’ teaches on these issues.”

Keller continues, “Romney and Mormons lie when they claim to be a Christian, since the teachings of Mormonism are inconsistent with Biblical Christianity. When Romney talks about God, it is NOT the God of the Bible, since the Mormon god was once a man who died and ascended to god status. The Jesus Romney speaks of is NOT the Jesus of the Bible, since the Mormon jesus was created in a sexual union between their man/god and Mary meaning he is not a deity, that he visited the United States during his brief life, and is the brother of Lucifer.”

Keller went on, “Romney and Mormons will quote from the Bible to further their deception of being a Christian, but don’t believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God as Christians. Instead, they view the Bible as a flawed and incomplete book, using the writings of Mormon founder Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price, the Doctrines and Covenants, as their theological authority. Romney and Mormons also view Biblical Christians as inferior to those in their ‘church.’ Romney also believes in Smith’s ‘White Horse Prophecy’ that states the nation will be in chaos, a Mormon will become President, and under the guise of saving the union set aside the US Constitution and enact a Mormon theocracy. These fantastical beliefs are why Romney and Mormons are no more a Christian than a Muslim is!”

Keller concluded, “Mitt Romney is a ‘temple Mormon,’ meaning he has gone through the secretive temple rituals, including taking a blood oath to his ‘church’ above everything else, and wears the temple garments (magical underwear) with satanic markings that he believes protects him.[…]

True enough, but since when it is a sin against Republican Christians to give, uh, “tough love” to African Americans? Really, isn’t any different than what Newt Gingrich does?

So yes, Mr. Willard “Mitt” Romney is a hell-bound cultist. But he is rich and he would be great for the stock portfolios of the true chosen people (Rich Conservative Republicans).

So perhaps The Almighty is working though this cultist…and if that is the case, who are we to say “no”?

The Utility of Poor White Trash….

Published December 2, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

Now I realize that all God Fearing Republican Christians count as God’s Own Children, even if many of our poorer siblings won’t be given exactly the same experience in the Life To Come.

But we should address the elephant in the room: not all of us will face a tax increase if Barack HUSSEIN Obama has his way. There are those who have, shall we say, detached carports and those of us who have drivers.

Yes, those of us in the 1 percent do have some burdens to bear; often when we are going to the front places at Republican fund raisers we have to pass by the less cultured riff-raff. And yes, they sometimes get in our way as we move to our box seats at sporting events; but even there we should try to remember to be grateful; it looks oh-so-tacky to see empty seats in the upper deck at games.

But the good groundlings and stinkards have a purpose: they vote our way; because of them we can keep our well deserved tax breaks.

In fact, Barack HUSSEIN Obama has given up on them.

Yes, they can be a pain in the [Unchristian word redacted] when they start going on and on about more visible riff-raff:

But ultimately, we get them to vote the way we want them to vote by reminding them that the Demon-crats support evolutionists, gays, coloreds and Mexicans.

But on occasion, they come through in ways that even surprise me.

Take this church in Kentucky:

A tiny church in rural Kentucky has voted to ban interracial couples from joining its congregation, pitting members against each other in an argument over race.

Members at the Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church in Kentucky voted on Sunday on the resolution, which says the church “does not condone interracial marriage”.

The church member who crafted the resolution, Melvin Thompson, said he is not racist and called the matter an “internal affair”.

“I am not racist. I will tell you that. I am not prejudiced against any race of people, have never in my lifetime spoke evil about a race,” said Thompson, the church’s former pastor who stepped down earlier this year.

“That’s what this is being portrayed as, but it is not.”

Dean Harville, the church’s secretary, disagreed – he said the resolution came after his daughter visited the church this summer with her boyfriend from Africa.

My goodness….I admire their directness! I suppose that comes with the territory when one doesn’t keep up appearances. Do you know how difficult it is to rationalize keeping our country clubs white keeping the current culture of our country clubs??

Now I admit that sometimes even the well intentioned go overboard: how ridiculous is an all white basketball league?

Would you pay to watch THIS?

As opposed to this?

But the little Kentucky church drew the appropriate line. Sure, these people are probably as dumb as rocks and have very little…other than a good attitude.

GOP Candidate Series: Herman Cain.

Published November 26, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

Today we discuss Herman Cain.

Positives:  Mr. Cain has his famous 9-9-9 plan (9 percent income tax, 9 percent corporate tax, 9 percent sales tax).  Folks, this is a gold mine for real Americans (wealthy Republicans)


Right now, nearly half of taxpayers don’t pay income taxes, but they do pay their share of payroll taxes, which amounts to 7.65 percent of wage income (though much of it is capped at $107,000). Cain would also eliminate the earned-income tax credit, which is intended to lift working Americans out of poverty. Many of these workers currently receive tax refunds.

On top of that, Cain would introduce the new sales tax, which would affect lower and moderate-income people who spend most of their income on purchases, not savings and investments. Depending on how you do the math, people now paying zero or negative taxes might be faced with a 27 percent tax on income.

In other words, while on paper Cain is promising a tax cut, in reality tens of millions of lower-income Americans would face tax increases. People in high tax brackets — 28 percent and higher — would likely see big tax cuts. (As part of his plan, Cain would also eliminate estate taxes and capital gains taxes, which, again, mostly affect higher-income people with stock and real estate investments.)

Now THAT is a true Christian plan!!!

Mr. Cain also sets a great example; he is one of the good Blacks (aka:  “Good Souls“).  Even our favorite trannie Ann Coulter knows this:

Mr. Cain, being a Good Black, knows how to set his fellow blacks on the straight and narrow!


This is a Conservative Christian Republican site, so we are looking for Republican weaknesses.  So I am not interested in lying liberal claims that Mr. Cain didn’t know that China had nuclear weapons or that Mr. Cain hadn’t thought that much about President Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Libya policy:

Sure, he comes across as being dumb as a rock.  But remember:

1. The Riff-Raff that vote our way (e. g. NewsMax Republicans) will love this.   They don’t know much either and don’t expect their presidents to know more!

2. Mr. Cain will CUT OUR TAXES.  Remember that.

A true Christian Republican isn’t going to worry about some silly “sexual harassment” charges either….not on the surface anyway.

Remember that, around here, we go by THE BIBLE.   So is a the relevant Bible passage:

Genesis 19:8:  remember that some angles were sent by the Almighty to check on the sinfulness of the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah.  The angles stayed with Lot and the local residents wanted Lot to bring them out so that they could rape them.  Lot tried to talk them out of it:

8 Look, I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them. But don’t do anything to these men, for they have come under the protection of my roof.”

Bottom line: the female is there for males to use as they wish.  So please spare me all of that “oh, he is bad for taking a few liberties with some tart”.   Why do you think that The Almighty made tarts?

But sadly, more came out…here is one of the pudgy tarts that came out in public:

This is a problem!
It is clear that Mr. Cain doesn’t know his place.
Yes, women are there for Christian Republican men to use, but one has to do it right. Learning the lesson from another famous good black, here is the guide for men like Mr. Cain:



I hope that the message is clear. I am afraid that Mr. Cain is unacceptable to Republican Faith Chat.