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Who says social mobility is dead?

Published December 31, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

Ok, Mitt Romney is a hell-bound magic underwear wearing cultist who believes some rather strange things:

But, even with that, it is clear that he truly understands the 1 percent:

And see the young man holding the chair? Well, some day, if he works very hard, he can graduate to “door opener”. That is how things should work!!!!

Then, if you work hard…ok, you’ll end up with no health insurance (socialist anyway) and not much money…but you would go to your grave with the satisfaction that you shined other people’s shoes and….get a letter from the Mayor of a small, inconsequential Midwestern rust belt city!

This month marks a significant milestone in Peoria. It was December 6th, 65 years ago, that a young man from a proud, yet humble family who had immigrated to Peoria from Greece started what would become a Peoria legend. At age 15, he made a commitment to “occupy Peoria” the old-fashioned way—the American way. It was (and still is, in my book) characterized by hard work, long hours, modest compensation and superior personal service. This traditional approach to creating capital was served up with a generous dose of kindness, charity and sincere concern for people and their community.

It will be of no surprise to iBi readers that I’m talking about George Manias, who has been “occupying” downtown Peoria since 1946. His business, of course, is shining shoes and cleaning hats, and over the years, his name and reputation became synonymous with Peoria.

He started with a one-seat shoeshine stand in a small barber shop next to the old Rialto Theater on Jefferson Street. George charged a whopping 25 cents per shine in those early days. After moving to three other locations over the years, he settled in the South Side Bank building at the corner of Main and Adams 20 years ago. The record shows he didn’t protest, carry signs or insult authority. He achieved success and occupied Peoria by saving and investing 25 cents at a time.

George has provided his unique, “hands-on” business to the great and famous, as well as to regular folks like most of us. Who else in Peoria can say that they personally “touched” the lives of presidents, vice presidents, congressmen, senators, cabinet secretaries and the CEOs of the world’s largest earthmoving machinery company? But even more impressive is that George has day in and day out, rain or shine, good economic times and bad, opened his shop to thousands of working men—and women—who wanted that special look on their shoes as they went about their business.

Really: who needs benefits and healthcare when they have earned the right to shine our shoes!


The Kind of Candidate we should support

Published December 16, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

I admit that the goings on of this cycle’s God’s Own Party Presidential Primary is depressing me.
But we can look at the races that appear on the lower parts of the ballot. What should we look for?

Here is an idea: look for this:

Yes, he is probably as dumb as a rock and doesn’t come close to being able to afford to live in the “right” neighborhoods. But he is perfect to represents the riff-raff who can barely afford a carport much less a garage.

Remember: we can’t win if we ignore those making less than 250K per year.