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The Democrat drops out of the Republican race for President

Published January 16, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Jon Huntsman (who speaks Chinese) is dropping out.

But we have a big problem. Mr. Willard “Mitt” Romeny, who leads the race, speaks French!

What the double chinned serial adulterer has yet to answer: how would our stock portfolios do under his administration?

Here is how things have gone under the Kenyan Communist-Fascist-Socialist Atheist-Muslim: (*)

(*) ok, I know that Atheist-Muslim contains to mutually contradictory terms and “communist-fascist” are also mutually contradictory…so liberals say. But my CEO says that he is all of those things so it must be true because my CEO is very rich.


Post Iowa: what to do?

Published January 4, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Ok Iowa has come and gone and we have

Mitt Romney (cultist) 30,015 24.6%
Rick Santorum (Papist) 30,007 24.5%
Ron Paul (crazy) 26,219 21.4%
Newt Gingrich (adulterer) 16,251 13.3%
Rick Perry (drunkard) 12,604 10.3%
Michele Bachmann (idiot) 6,073 5%
Jon Huntsman (Democrat) 745 0.6%

So let us look at this: what about Mr. Paul?
Strengths: interesting social views on undesirables.

Weaknesses: not only does he want us to not invade other countries, but he is against the war on drugs:

The war on drugs is exactly how we can keep the undesirables in jail!!!!

Mr. Santorum He sent out this letter to potential supporters this morning:

Dear Patriot:

It’s Now or Never for Conservative voters. We can either unite now behind one candidate and have a conservative standard bearer in 2012, or have the GOP establishment choose another moderate Republican who will have a difficult time defeating Barack Obama in November.

I don’t think that’s what you want. Neither do I. My name is Rick Santorum, and I am the only authentic, passionate conservative who can unite the GOP.

I need an URGENT contribution of at least $35 today to unite conservative voters and win the Republican nomination.

We shocked the world last night in Iowa. We did it with a coalition of conservatives, Tea Party members, and values voters who recognized that my successful conservative record gives the GOP the best chance to defeat Barack Obama.

No more sitting on the sidelines. Now is the time to act or get stuck with a bland, boring, career politician who will lose to Barack Obama. Tomorrow will be too late. Will you unite with me, merge conservative support, and help us hold our banner high? Your contribution of $35, $50, or even $75 can make sure this happens.

The next test is New Hampshire … a state Mitt Romney has campaigned in for over four years. This is why I need your immediate support. I’m counting on conservatives around America to respond to this call for help. If we are divided in New Hampshire, we will lose this opportunity to keep the momentum.

I will be the most conservative President since Ronald Reagan. I am not going to Washington to blend in and hope people like me. I am running to dismantle the Obama Agenda and lead–like Reagan did.

The Washington Post said, “Rick Santorum was a tea-party kind of guy before the tea-party even existed.” As a conservative U.S. Senator from the swing state of Pennsylvania, I led the overhaul of welfare that moved millions from welfare to work. I authored the bill banning partial-birth abortion, and I passed legislation that protected America from Iran’s growing nuclear threat.

If you want a President who will stand up for conservative values, who is consistent on the issues, and who has a record to back it up, then I need you to join my campaign.

I need you to join me today. Right now. Not tomorrow or next week. If you want to roll back the Obama Agenda with a real conservative, this is your chance. The future of our country depends on what conservatives like you do in the next 72 hours.

Will you join us today with a generous contribution of whatever you can afford?

I give Republicans the best option to put a full-spectrum conservative in the White House. Help me make history!


Rick Santorum

P.S. I went from longshot to the Iowa Caucus “surprise candidate” overnight. Now conservatives must unite or be defeated. Please donate today and take a stand with my campaign. Join the fight!

Mr. Santorum is right about the Satanic Scientists:

I am outraged that scientists use scientific concerns to guide their research and are worried about harming animals (see: no morals at all! This is an example of proper Republican attitudes towards animals)

The church should determine what gets researched! That has worked so well in the past!

Mr. Santorum is right about abortion too:

Government should stay out of our lives…and in the uterus of women!

Oh sure, the LIE-berals will bellyache that Mr. Santorum’s wife had a kind of abortion that he would outlaw, sans exception, for others. But that doesn’t matter; for a true Republican, well, we DESERVE different rules because Jesus loves us! Why is that so hard to understand?

Mr. Romney’s record is a bit more mixed:

But…Mr. Romney would probably be better for our investment portfolios which…when all is said and done…is the main thing for a Republican…no?

GOP 2012 Field Series: Jon Huntsman

Published November 25, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

This is our first in our series on the candidates to wrest the Presidency away from the Keynesian Kenyan Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Candidate One:  Jon Huntsman.


Weaknesses:  magic underwear wearing cultist.

Fatal Flaw:  via the socialist/Satanic New York Times:

In a Twitter message sent Thursday afternoon, Mr. Huntsman wrote:

To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.Thu Aug 18 17:57:52 via Twitter for iPhoneJon Huntsman

The message was a direct shot at his newest rival, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who said this week that climate change was “a scientific theory that has not been proved” and called evolution “just a theory.”

Trust scientists?  Believe in evolution?

This gentleman is running in the wrong primary.  I am half surprised that he doesn’t lobby Barack HUSSEIN Obama to be his running mate.