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The Heathens Forget this!

Published September 12, 2012 by republicanfaithchat


Take THAT Scientists!

Published September 11, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Ha! We are always hearing about evolution and the Big Bang. Well, how do you explain THIS, oh Satanic Scientists?

This galaxy is so large, so fully-formed, astronomers say it shouldn’t exist at all. It’s called a “grand-design” spiral galaxy, and unlike most galaxies of its kind, this one is old. Like, really, really old. According to a new study conducted by researchers using NASA’s Hubble Telescope, it dates back roughly 10.7-billion years — and that makes it the most ancient spiral galaxy we’ve ever discovered.
“The vast majority of old galaxies look like train wrecks,” said UCLA astrophysicist Alice Shapley in a press release. “Our first thought was, why is this one so different, and so beautiful?”

Shapley is co-author of the paper describing the discovery, which is published in the latest issue of Nature. She and her colleagues had been using Hubble to investigate some of our Universe’s most distant cosmic entities, but the discovery of BX442 — which is what they’ve dubbed the newfound galaxy — came as a huge surprise.

That’s right! Let’s follow the logic:

1. If the scientists have to modify an existing theory, then the theory must be completely wrong, ergo: JESUS!

Any questions?

What Belief Looks Like…..

Published December 6, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

I’ve had it with all of this belief.net tolerance nonsense. Really; who is their right mind would put up a ridiculous bumper-sticker like this:

Seriously, I resent that our lily-livered politicians don’t ban such nonsense!

Here is an example of a proper Christian attitude:

Ok, ok, this woman is obese and has missing teeth (how in the heck does she eat enough to stay so fat without teeth?). Yes, her house is beyond tacky and the furniture is dreadfully cheap; there is no way in Hades that even Barack HUSSEIN Obama would raise her taxes.

But you can bet that she won’t be fooled into voting for that Kenyan Atheist-Muslim!!!

Yes, we might chuckle at her lack of sophistication and her common diction (ok, she is as dumb as a rock).

But unlike some Oprah Christians, she knows her Bible:

Exodus 22:18

18 “Do not allow a sorceress to live.

Isaiah 47:12-14

12 “Keep on, then, with your magic spells
and with your many sorceries,
which you have labored at since childhood.
Perhaps you will succeed,
perhaps you will cause terror.
13 All the counsel you have received has only worn you out!
Let your astrologers come forward,
those stargazers who make predictions month by month,
let them save you from what is coming upon you.
14 Surely they are like stubble;
the fire will burn them up.
They cannot even save themselves
from the power of the flame.

It is clear then: astrology and sorcery are evil! Why is that hard to understand?

Nothing Escapes the Wrath of the Almighty!

Published November 26, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

The Almighty knows all and can see all and is infinitely just!

You may think that you can get away with your sins, but that is a snare and a delusion.

Here is an example of this:  in the ocean floor near Antarctica, these starfish and sea urchins thought that they could get away with their Satanic socialist/gay lifestyle.

Think again!  Watch as the Lord takes vengeance against these sinning sea creatures:

The Almighty will NOT be mocked!  I am thinking of YOU, atheists, evolutionists, gays and other assorted forces of darkness!