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Return from God’s Country….

Published January 11, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Well, it appears that Willard “Mittens” Romeny won the New Hampshire Republican primary; he has about 37 percent of the vote. He leads the Crazy Old Man (Ron Paul) who got 23 percent and the Democrat (Jon Huntsman) who got 17. The Papist and the Adulterer are tied at 10 apiece and the Lush got 1 percent.

I was on the road using the socialist Interstate Highway System and was in the old Confederacy for a while. We have to do something about allocating the highway lanes; it just isn’t right that people who pay taxes on 100K or more a year have to share lanes with people who are too poor to put a proper muffler on their vehicles. Perhaps we should get special license plates that allow us “real Republican” lanes to use or something.

Nevertheless, I heard and saw some encouraging things.

The likely GOP likes to fire people!

Sure, technically this isn’t as good as it sounds; he was talking about people having the right to switch insurance plans if they don’t like the service that they are getting. Of course, one only needs insurance if one is sick and too poor to pay out of pocket and if you are in that category, no one is going to insure you anyway…but really, most insurance bills are less than 30K and who cares for people too poor to afford a 30K medical bill?

Now back to my Southern trip: Yeah, I needed to get extra shots:

But I saw something very encouraging:

Yeah, this was a Western Sizzling and who really needs to eat cheap meat and dried out stuff in the “buffet” selection? But I love it that they are encouraging the poors (and non-rich) to Love the Lord! Church is good….and the non-Episcopalians need somewhere to eat. And the more places that encourage the fatties and their squalling brats (aka Southern Baptists)to patronize them, the less likely I am going to have to be around them.