About Republican Faith Chat

Republican Faith Chat was once posted elsewhere but was then taken down due to a “terms of service” violation. Since it is important to keep doing the Work of the Almighty, I’ve decided to start a version of the blog here.

Of course, if the original blog owners transfer the blog elsewhere, I’ll cease and link to the new blog.

But for now, we’ll keep supporting God’s Own Party (GOP) and work toward keeping the internets free of filth and Satanic material.


3 comments on “About Republican Faith Chat

  • Brother (or sister) this is the ONLY site on the net that TRULY can be considered Godly (well, maybe Landover Baptist too) thank you for continuing His work…BROWNBACK ’12!!!!

  • Is this site really a porn site making fun of Christians ? I never saw anyone so hung up on womens butts. Even to the extent of getting down on your hands and knees to look up a skirt to check for underwear. UGHHHHH Seems like Jimmy Swaggart, thou doest protest too much about evil women yet cant seem to keep your eyes off them. If your so tempted its you that needs more of God and less of “keeping an eye on what Satan is up to “

    • I am sorry you don’t see what is wrong with the behavior of these wayward women. I’ll bet that you condemn the patriot Rush Limbaugh for his campaign against harlots on college campuses. I’ll pray for you.

      No I won’t: you are an idiot.

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