It has been too long……

Published December 16, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Well, that 2012 election was a disaster, no?  When you spend millions of dollars on something, you expect it to work.  Instead this is what we got for our money:

We spend millions for THIS????  Oh boy….

Even The Evil One (aka “Paul Krugman”) was laughing at us, PRIOR to the election.

I’ve been spending time here:

This facebook page is called Christians For Michele Bachman.

Now the above photo disgusts me…..after all that woman on the bottom is just letting that rear end of the top lady go unfondled!!!!  Can a Christian Permit this?




4 comments on “It has been too long……

  • Mmmm…..lesbians…

    Is the Bachman haridan a lesbian ? She might have just gone up (very, very) slightly in my estimation………….although I’ll bet she still does her lesbianising in the missianary position !


  • I have recently been released from treatment. The doctors feel I am making progress toward recovery. My hair is even started to grow back. It is amazing what electroshock therapy can accomplish. I suffered some traumatic event in early November. I have only vague recollection of events, but I do remember demons streaming out of the mouth of Karl Rove. I don’t remember shooting the TV, but it appears from the spent brass that I emptied a banana clip from one of the AK-47s.

    Thankfully the Lord protected all my memory of the Bible KJV 1611, but the Lord came to my team of Christian doctors by way of a high voltage power line. Sorry Knoxville about the power outage, but your few days without light helped restore this Christian.

    I have learned to not believe everything on TV even Fox News. I confess it was a mental crisis, but after repeated electric shocks brought little relief, I did have the wits to know that people are Saved only from Full Immersion Baptism. Receiving the high voltage while under water brought amazing relief, but did burn off all my body hair.

    Could one of those ladies actually be a transgendered male? Could this be part of the treatment to Pray Away the Gay?

  • BIC,

    Nice to hear that you’re recovering well……….we’ve all been there……(well, apart from all the stuff you mentioned above)…..

    Maybe this treatment would work on Mental Beth…………I do wish she’d come back, she was truly endearing in her nuttiness (btw, I don’t mean she tastes of nuts…….well, she might….which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing….mmmm cashews…..but but I don’t know because I haven’t tasted her….)


  • Greetings Brother Christians,

    My Christian doctors with their faith based treatments all say I continue to make good progress toward recovery

    Based upon their medical advice, the good Pastor maintains a strong firewall and restrictive access to most websites. I don’t watch much television as I am allowed to only watch old reruns of the 700 club from the 1980s.

    I am content to spend my time with my old friend, good ole King James 1611. I am having this strange feeling and the doctors seem concerned. They say that fresh air is good so I check my mailbox fairly regularly, ten, fifteen times a day I believe, but sometimes I forget. I have been waiting for, expecting my tickets to the Romney inauguration balls. I made reservations and purchased airline seats last year anticipating the number of First Class seats would be limited for this wondrous occasion. I have so looked forward to this trip as I have managed to avoid Washington since the godly Ronald Rayguns ruled the Oval Office. I am expecting the Lord to have the Cherry Trees burst forth in bloom in celebration of sweeping out the trash and the restoration as God and Our Founding Fathers intended, the White House will again be white! I hope Mitt has the decency to not clog the streets with those silly pairs of young men in white shirts sporting black name tags. I want to experience Washington again as a place safe for White Women and small dogs.

    The doctors have remained evasive to my questions, but appear concerned. They keep telling me that everything is fine, all arrangements have been made. I do want to have my tickets in hand and have an idea which balls and in which order I will be attending. I expect good seating, but I want assurance that I will be seated with Christians only. I expect the president elect to have some political debts to repay, some seats will go to the magic underwear crowd. But I want to be surrounded by only normal Jockey or Hanes boxers or briefs. I paid enough in after tax dollars. I don’t want to be close to any Fruit of the Loom, least of all loony, fruity “temple garments”.

    Can others report that they have received their inauguration tickets? I can’t understand any reason for the doctors reaction. I’m not allowed any newspapers, not even a radio permitted in the house. I can’t access even weather reports, there isn’t any heat wave is there? Global warming remains debunked as a total myth? Everything is OK out there?

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