Mitt NAILS the Obama voters!

Published September 17, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

That’s right! Obama voters just want free stuff from the government!

I am tired of rich White Republicans being picked on! Mitt is our man! (magic underwear and all….)


2 comments on “Mitt NAILS the Obama voters!

  • Wowww. Where do I start. You people (yes, I went there) are unbelievable. The reason why a lot of people are poor today are because of mentally challenged sociopaths like you. I wouldn’t even call you retarded because metally retarded people are born that way and
    that’s disrespectful to them. Right wings are slow by choice. Go stick your Vienna sausage dick into a steaming pot of tea and you’ll figure out how it feels for the rest of us sharing this earth with the likes of disgusting, greedy, self-rightous, bible thumping, sorry ass waste of meat bags like you. Money is wasted on management. The highest amount of work a CEO does during his typical work day is trying to get that ball into the hole surrounded by fake velcro grass. At first I thought this whole thing was a joke and I wish it was. No way am I in the same genus as you. I am not even going bother explaining every thing wrong with the republicans’ ideas and notions. I’d be sitting here for days, not to mention, I’ve probably already written more words than you know. Seeing as Satan probably can’t even find your IQ. Why don’t you all do everyone else a favor and go out into the woods with your sawed offs and off eachother. Only then will you recieve your Darwin’s. Darwin’s are void, however, if you’ve reproduced. And if you have, congrats for contributing to the downfall of humanity, unless some sane liberal has raised your offspring.

    PS: You might need a dictionary for all those big words I’ve given you.

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