First you allow gay marriage…

Published September 9, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Who knows where the slippery slope leads to!

Ok, that is just a cartoon. But just look at what is happening in nature!

It is bad enough we see a toad trying to mate (get into amplexus) with a frog, but it turns out that both amphibians are MALE!!!!


So there libs…see what gay marriage has lead to???


2 comments on “First you allow gay marriage…

  • I do know of close relationships between different animal species, but they were male/female and all mammals.The unions of horses and burros produces a mule, but the Lord rendered mules sterile, not to reproduce on their own for whatever His reasons.

    But where do we draw the line? Will ewe marry me is widely heard in New Zealand. If there are no suitable Christian women available for men and both sides felt a lucky spark together, would man-sheep be a sin? It would seem a far better choice than sodomy between men. Hey, they’re warm in bed and if the feeling subsides and you’re hungry, you have mutton or a nice leg of lamb. And a ewe won’t nag or suffer the monthly curse. The curse would come only once annually and just banish them to a distant pasture during their period of uncleanliness.

    Hey ewe, feel like a little party tonight?

  • BIC – ewe need to get your ewe on its back in a low ditch…….then you can kiss it too……or, if you prefer, right up aginst a cliff edge – she’ll push back harder and more urgently then…….

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