Christian Paleontology Deserves Equal Time!

Published September 9, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Let’s see those Satanic Scientists “refudiate” this!


3 comments on “Christian Paleontology Deserves Equal Time!

  • What a vulgar comment left by a snake. He should go find s Pentacostal site for his disgusting comment. Most certainly this is not p o e, (Penis Other Entrance). The adder of unknown gender should at the least used the word “tallywacker” and not the gutter trash word of penis.

    True, some of our finest politicians have experienced public restroom problems. A wide stance and toe tapping when answering nature’s call is just one more example of the liberal lamestream media trying to distort and make a mockery of our Christian beliefs. The fact that we have a Moron who climbs a ladder to reach a sainr and a idol, Mary worshipper as candidates only shows that our Lord works in Mysterious way.

    Back to your pit you forked tongue minion of Satan.

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