Huckabee, Akin: Please shut the H. E. “double hockey sticks” up!!!!

Published August 21, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

This situation is becoming more and more intolerable!

Yes, we needed votes to pass our tax cuts for ourselves; I get that. And yes, a moron vote counts the same as any other votes.

But do the “useful morons” have to make things more difficult than they have to be?

First we have Todd Akin shooting off his mouth about rape. Look, I don’t care what this clown actually believes; we need that vote in the Senate! But does he have to embarrass all of us in public like this?

Mitt is trying to do the right thing by asking him to quit the race.

But can our religious morons leave well enough alone? Oh noooooooo!

The hick from Arkansas (aka Mike Huckabee) has to go out and shoot HIS big trap about rape too.

What the heck is the matter with you Mr. Huckabee? Are you trying to turn our jewelry rattling wives off to our ticket?

Look, I really don’t mind it when you did your “get our idiots” to eat greasy fast food in the name of…well, not sure of what:

It gives the dummies something to do…and if enough of these fatties die early it might help out the Medicare situation.

Less talk about rape and more about tax cuts! Come ON people!!!!


4 comments on “Huckabee, Akin: Please shut the H. E. “double hockey sticks” up!!!!

  • We still have not seen a True Christian candidate who dares to change the Constitution to mandate certificates of conception. Life begins in the womb and must be protected until after birth. Women of child bearing age should have their uteruses monitored which could be as simple as a microchip implant. Beside recording the moment of conception, a chip could determine the male partner of a harlot who is having sex outside of a proper Christian marriage and could detect unnatural positions other than the Christian missionary position,

    Sarah Payloins who was a disgrace as a vice presidential candidate is a classic harlot. She was conceived out of wedlock, her parents, the Heaths were married in the third month of pregnancy. Sarah married during her second month of pregnancy, small wonder that the family genes were passed along to her eldest daughter who remains unmarried and her spawn from her loins, the bastard Tripp is almost four years old. A microchip could have determined the parents of the retard stage prop Sarah uses, Trig. Whether Sarah is the mother, just who the father is or whether the ‘tard is a product of incestuous relations of daughter Willow with either her father Todd or brother Track.

    We have grown too far away from the Word of the Lord. An instance of U.S.E. that results in a blessing from the Lord should be celebrated. Far too many so called “Christians” are negligent in their duties and responsibilities as parents. Too many fail to obey the mandate of post natal “abortions”. If the child is disobedient, demon possessed or shows other signs of Satan’s involvement, they must be promptly stoned. And no, I am not talking about the ingestion of the Republican drug of choice Oxycontin, but taken to the nearest pile of rocks. If the Heaths had completed their Christian responsibilities, Sarah should have been dispatched to her master Satan before she reached child bearing age. We now have two more generations that can’t help but spawn more harlots and assorted minions of Satan.

    Certificates of conception and post natal abortions should be planks in the GOP platform. How God’s Own Party wound up with a cultist Moron as the candidate remains a mystery. I don’t care if he is rich. I fear the True Bible KJV 1611 may be replaced in our schools with some gibberish from golden plates. We have gone from a Muslim to a Moron, only a Scientologist could be any worse. God help us!

    Praise the Lord and pass the river stones!

  • Ahhhh, well……you could always end up with Tom Cruise as president. Actually, given that American politics sometimes appears to be a game of who’s the least stupid,this is a distinct possibility !


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