Hey President Barack HUSSIEN Obama: this is a REAL American Fundraiser!

Published June 26, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

No worries about riff-raff here! This is a meeting of the true patriotic Americans who might ….well…have to give up their citizenship if they are going to have to pay tax:

Startling new data from Uncle Sam show that defections by Americans are expected to double this year, largely to avoid any stiff tax bills resulting from the proposed 55 percent hike on the rich — as well as the likely expiration on Dec. 31 of the Bush era tax cuts.

As many as 8,000 US citizens are projected by immigration officials to renounce in 2012, or about 154 a week, versus 3,805 in 2011, or about 73 per week.

“High-net-worth individuals are making decisions that having a US passport just isn’t worth the cost anymore,” said Jim Duggan, a lawyer at Duggan Bertsch, which specializes in protecting assets of the wealthy.

“They’re able to do what they do from any place in the world, and they’re choosing to do it from places with much lower tax rates,” he said.

“Some are philosophically disgusted at the course our country is taking in all kinds of ways. They’re making a strong protest of, ‘Enough is enough,’ ” said Duggan. “But largely it’s an economic decision.”

Really, we are asking too much of these Godly Patriotic Americans! Really, how can we ask anyone to do more?

Then again….we do need something for our less successful, not as bright voters.

This is doing it wrong:

Clearly a bad rally!

Now here are some good rallies

Hmmm….the woman holding the “I” who is wearing the white shorts…wonder how thin those white shorts are…..she might need some Christian correction…

Oh, yeah.


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