Sinful Saturday: See Through Pants and Dresses! A call to action!

Published May 28, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Today is a day about freedom, which means that the entitled (Republican Christian males) have the freedom to tell others (liberals and women) what to do!

Also, this is a time when many misguided hussies start putting on the thinnest white pants (or dresses) that they can find. It is unbelievable!

See what we are going through….then I propose a plan of action at the end of this grotesque display of depravity:

Given that there is so much sin out there, I propose that all good Promise Keepers get their binoculars and camera (with telephoto lens) and form “morality patrols”. Scout around, gather evidence (e. g., take some photos) and submit them here.

Then we will review the evidence and pray over it…possibly several times.

Remember: don’t let your wives know about this; they might not understand what you are doing.

But hey, it is our duty!


4 comments on “Sinful Saturday: See Through Pants and Dresses! A call to action!

  • Several appear to be experiencing women’s monthly curse. Why are they not confined to a menstrual shack during the period they are unclean? Two look like they are wearing the proper “padding”, but white stretch pants are never appropriate, least of all during their monthly curse. If you look very carefully, enlarge the photo to 400%, I swear I see a Satan’s string of the devil finger tampons.

    A True Christian wife, one loyal and obedient to her husband should understand and assist her master in service to the Lord. If you permit your wife to have a cell phone (I don’t) she should be observant when she is permitted to go out in public and snap pictures when she sees such behavior.

    I think women can assist in a limited capacity of these morality patrols. They can enter female restrooms and locker rooms where we might cause unwanted public attention. We need to document (photos and if possible with audio) this harlot behavior, study it very carefully, then we can work to help them get right with the Lord. Some of these “ladies” might as well walk around in public naked, they have no shame.

    If our wives can find true Sisters in Christ they can share Bible study together during their uncleanliness time and leave the homes free for men to gather for prayer and study the latest evidence. I discovered a new “yoga studio” and manged some photos through a space in the curtains. I taped a Chick Tract there with the note: caution, viewing may cause damage to Christian morality.

    My concern grows that we have heard nothing from June, Tiffany, not even prayer warrior Jodie. I keep an eye on the secular news fearing a possible arrest of Prophetess Debbie for stalking her Friday Night Lights obsession.

  • It is good to see you BIC. I don’t know about this project; my not-so-understanding spouse has hidden my camera and used UnChristian Words with me. But you are so right; we let these women out even during their “ladies only” time of the month when they are unclean.

    Good job at finding that yoga studio; one can often find harlots in training there. I might have to go monitor such a situation later this week though I’ve been banned from bringing a camera into class with me.

  • I agree with this terrific site and post. These philosophies towards the uncleanliness of women’s monthly curse is exactly why Islam does not allow women outside of home I Saudi Arabia during the menstrual cycle. You will have complete agreement from the loyal Islamist in our GOP friend of Saudi!

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