Sinful Saturday: Visible Panty Lines!

Published May 12, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

I don’t get it: why do upstanding Christian Republican Men allow for things like this to happen?

Should we permit this???


One comment on “Sinful Saturday: Visible Panty Lines!

  • True Christians ladies should never show panty lines. Our prayer warrior, sister June Gordon didn’t wear panties. If women are going to prance around in Satan’s fabric, Spandex, show a little decency and wear a wrap or something to cover up your lady parts. Satan’s minions are always trying to distract Christian men and tempt them to the path to hell.

    I carry Chick Tracts to give to harlots like those you have pictured. I do get slapped a lot, but such a small price compared to Our Lord’s suffering.

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