Sinful Saturday: why we should keep Augusta all male!!!

Published April 7, 2012 by republicanfaithchat
No Girls Allowed Kids Room Treehouse Decor Sign v637 -

No Girls Allowed Kids Room Treehouse Decor Sign v637 –

Well, we are being betrayed by Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum here, but so far John Boehner will not relent to pressure and say that they ought to allow GIRLS in the Augusta golf club.

And it is easy to see why….just look at what happens when you let GIRLS play golf:

Do we really want to have to put up with this????

4 comments on “Sinful Saturday: why we should keep Augusta all male!!!

  • One more reason to get back to our basic Constitution, the line must be drawn somewhere. It is a sin that no presidential candidate dares to bring up repealing the 19th Amendment. Once women were granted the right to vote, it has been downhill for the last 90 plus years.

    The man should rule the home as the Lord rules the church. Regarding golf courses, I wouldn’t oppose women using putt-putt, assorted mini golf. Will women expect to attend our assorted Bible study, Promise Keepers and Baptist Foot Washing meetings? Will no place be left sacred?

    Romney, the magic underwear cultist, I fear he is far worst than a Ted Kennedy liberal, we really can only hope and pray he will be more proper Christian in protecting our rights to wealth and happiness. What a choice we have, a Mormon or a true Socialist. Will a Scientologist step in and try to save us, scrap Obamacare and replace with the coke can “auditing”.

    • Well, BIC, the one thing I can say about the Magic Underwear wearing cultist is that he seems to understand that God’s Chosen People (wealthy Republicans) really need to avoid paying taxes.

      Pity that Mr. Santorum’s oars don’t quite reach the water.

  • Personally I’d draw the line somewhere about 4 inches below the top of the thigh (just shy of minge central) – no point in revealing too much to start with…

    …..we are talking about mini skirt lengths aren’t we ?

    BTW, I’ve said this before, but American politics really is rather amusing

  • You neanderthals really need to get a life. This is not the nineteenth century, a time you would feel comfortable in, this is the twenty first century. So either join the human race or go fuck yourselves.

    Moderator’s Note:

    1. We don’t believe in evolution, therefore we don’t accept that Neanderthals lived.
    2. “go fuck yourselves”
    We are Christians and therefore frown on self gratification.

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