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Latinos for Mitt…..

Published April 28, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Why are the liberals praising Mitt in this manner?

Where is the joke?

I don’t get it….and after all, shouldn’t only REAL Americans be permitted to vote for President???


Sinful Saturday: thong bikinis!

Published April 28, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Is there anything more sinful than these completely shameless hussies parading out in public in little tiny thong bikini swimsuits?

I can’t believe that the American Taliban Christian Men of America let them get away with this!

Just look at the outrageous stuff! Where does it end????

Whereas this Richard Dawkins person is a hell-bound atheist and this other is a Muslim, check out what he says at 0:49 and 2:52. How can you not agree with him?

Just look at what follows!

Can we permit this???

Sinful Saturday: Yoga part II

Published April 23, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

This is outrageous!

Why youtube permits such things to be shown is beyond me.

I recommend that we scour youtube for all of videos of this type and then we should meet to view them and pray over them…perhaps we might need several sessions!

this isn’t yoga:

Sinful Saturday: Tennis!

Published April 15, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

I can’t believe that the United States lets women tennis players dress like this:

This is a complete outrage!

All Good Republican Cristian men should take their binoculars and camera to the tennis court and investigate these outrages!!! Feel free to send in your submissions so I can pray over them.

Sinful Saturday: why we should keep Augusta all male!!!

Published April 7, 2012 by republicanfaithchat
No Girls Allowed Kids Room Treehouse Decor Sign v637 -

No Girls Allowed Kids Room Treehouse Decor Sign v637 –

Well, we are being betrayed by Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum here, but so far John Boehner will not relent to pressure and say that they ought to allow GIRLS in the Augusta golf club.

And it is easy to see why….just look at what happens when you let GIRLS play golf:

Do we really want to have to put up with this????