Sinful Saturday: women swimmers and divers!

Published March 31, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

One of the most egregious breaches of Christian Republican morality can be found at swimming and diving meets! It really goes like this:

1. The women show up in shamefully skimpy swimming attire; most of it barely covers what it is supposed to cover:

Step 2. The bend over and stick out their butts!

3. They jump in the water and then get out, with their suits just glistening off of their bodies!

Now my fellow Christian Republican men: should we stand for this??????

I tried to take matters into my own hands (literally); I went down to the nearest competition pool and started to adjust the swimsuits of these scarlet women. Of course the Obama police intervened and, well…I eventually made bail.

Note: this sort of deviant material is all over the internet; therefore I strongly recommend that you stay away from this sinful site (sportcandy) where you will find page after page of photos like the above ones! This is just so sinful!!!


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