Trayvon Martin: should have submitted to authority

Published March 28, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Ok, we are reading about Trayvon Martin being killed by George Zimmerman.

Yes, this was a tragedy, a real waste. But let us remember ALL of the facts and not what the bleeding heart liberals would have you remember.

This was a black teenager walking in a GATED COMMUNITY. He was WEARING A HOODIE. Hear that: A HOODIE.

Oh wait…old and white…we need young and black:


Now George Zimmerman…ok, a Mexican but well, sort-of white…ok…not black…good enough…thought that Mr. Martin “looked suspicious.” Well, we KNOW what “suspicious” looks like, don’t we? I mean…

Well…maybe not…

but here is the fact: since when it is wrong for a white (ok, almost white) person to ask a black what they are doing there? Why didn’t this teenager meekly submit to this person’s authority?

What authority, you ask? How did this teenager know this guy from anyone, you ask? You might ask “hey, don’t we teach our kids to mistrust strangers, especially those who are stalking following them?

Remember, this is what we teach OUR kids, not THEIR kids.

Well…do you really have to ask what I mean by this????

Oh yeah, Shame on President Barack HUSSEIN Obama for dividing our country over this…

listen to the Patriot Colbert talk about it.


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