Sinful Saturday: Butt Shots

Published March 17, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

There has been quite a bit of talk about “sluts” and how women just have no morals at all.
Here are some serious examples: women who just deliberately show us their butts!

Can we allow for this to stand?


2 comments on “Sinful Saturday: Butt Shots

  • For our Monday night Bible Study, all the men just carry their laptops and your Sinful Saturdays provides the perfect topic of study. What really disturbed me this time was photo #5, it reminded me of the wissel creature that attacked Sister June Gordon. She had been suffering a bout of delicately put, her plop plop in the bathroom had been stopped up. Many were praying for June. She reported she had been cleaned out by a wissel and I am still having vision problems with my left eye. In June’s case, Spandex would have been a blessing.

    We need to get this filth off the Internet. We are expanding our missionary work and going door to door, visiting shut ins and known widowers. We go in pairs like Mormons (no white shirts) and one man carries Chick Tracts in case a woman or wife answers. A quick glance by most males moves them to want to join our study group.

    I bet I could spank the Satan out of these harlots with my bare hand. I have forwarded this weeks finds to all the males in our Prayer Chain. Bless you Ollie for your continued Godly work.

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