Sinful Saturday: court volleyball

Published February 25, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

How can youtube permit such videos to be shown? We have to scour the internet for more of these!


2 comments on “Sinful Saturday: court volleyball

  • 1.)They are playing a sport you fucking retarded prude …this has to be a joke because if your for real, well then you need to start taking your medication again …fucking prude loser, go back to the 1890’s you close minded fuck …Your headline should say people with brains not welcome.

    Moderator’s Note: You are obviously intoxicated by lose morals and lax societal norms. You permit a butt cheek hanging out here…..and later that leads to theater shootings later!

    My work at “exposing” such moral travesties will continue; I’ll have to work overtime during the women’s beach volleyball matches during the Olympics….I’ll have hundreds of stills and videos to study.

  • This is from Argentina, where I am from, I can assure I had the chance to spank good this naughty girlie that really need it for showing her butt shameless! she indeed get unwillingly panties down proper punishment she will never forgets

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