Hey Al Gore, I got your global warming right here!

Published February 11, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

So what do you have to say to THAT? Hmmmm?

Really, after 1990, we had 7 years in a row that were cooler, and after 1998 we had 4 years in a row that were cooler. What kind of global warming is that?

A true Republican would ignore socialist NASA and the socialist New York Times.

I admit that I don’t understand why they would run a image of the predicted Presidential Electoral College map in the science section.


3 comments on “Hey Al Gore, I got your global warming right here!

  • 11 degrees F.? That’s in one place. But this is GLOBAL warming. So what was the temperature in Valparaiso? Or how about Portland, Maine? Or how about Amarillo, Texas? The US alone has over 10,000 stations that contribute to the average and there are probably over 100,000 in the rest of the world. So you try to refute global warming with one observation? Give me a break.

    Beginning in 1985, the average annual temperature anomalies were:
    1985: +12
    1986: +19
    1987: +33
    1988: +40
    1989: +29
    1990: +43
    1991: +42
    1992: +23
    1993: +24
    1994: +31
    1995: +45
    1996: +34
    1997: +47
    1998: +63
    So just which are those “seven cooler years in a row?”

    You COULD say that after 1998 we had four cooler years in a row – we actually had six. The first year to beat 1998 was 2005. But climate is based on a 30-year average, so six, or ten, or twenty or 29 years is nothing more than numerical drivel. You are talking about WEATHER, or climate.

    I wouldn’t pay much attention to the New York Times, either. They’re no better at climate than the Republicans.

    That map of the US you posted is based on departures from the 1951-1980 baseline, the same as the numbers I posted above. It very definitely shows the thirty years from 1981 to 2011 to be warmer than normal, so your own post refutes you.

    But seriously, I am an environmental scientist specializing in dendrochronology – I read tree rings. I mostly develop new methods to identify weather events in the tree ring record. If you would like to have a serious discussion of global warming, based on EVIDENCE, I would be happy to do so with you.

    How about it? A discussion based on the science.

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