We had better get the riff-raff in line…..

Published February 8, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

I was on Intrade today and this is what I saw:

This is outrageous! Don’t think that the LIE-beral E-lite aren’t having fun with this.

Why oh why is Willard “Mittens” Romney not getting any love?

Even worse, we find that the riff-raff are revolting against our Anointed One:

In 2010, Christine O’Donnell was a Tea Party favorite and fundraising powerhouse. Two years later, the former U.S. Senate candidate from Delaware is nearly out of money and under fire from her former allies on the grassroots right.

The News-Journal of Delaware reported on Sunday that ChristinePAC, O’Donnell’s political action committee, had only $10,260 cash on hand in December. In the six months before that, according to the group’s financial disclosure forms, only 16 people donated more than $200 dollars to ChristinePAC.

Her prospects may also be dim because of O’Donnell’s faltering relationship with the Tea Party. Grassroots conservatives fueled her primary win in 2010, but many were turned off by her endorsement of establishment favorite Mitt Romney in this year’s GOP presidential race. She also failed to pick up a lucrative gig as a cable news analyst, as many expected she would.

Evan Queitsch, a former O’Donnell volunteer and current candidate for the Delaware state Senate, blasted O’Donnell after the endorsement despite her $600 donation to his campaign.

“Do not insult our intelligence by trying to claim [Romney has] conservative credentials that don’t exist,” Queitsch wrote in a blog post. “How DARE you insult our intelligence by pretending like we haven’t looked at the man’s record.”

Come on!!! The lonely men are resisting our lovely drunken ladybug?

Now even our favorite tranny conservative blonde is coming under attack by those who don’t know their place:

When this shrill harridan decided to support the Mittster, she lost the teahadist wing of the Republican Party. You could find it at freerepublic dot com, but I shan’t link to it here. Wearing my HazMat suit, I’ve selected some of their derision, below, for your amusement and delight. But first, this disclaimer:

Ann Coulter is a woman. While you’ll see quotes from FReepsters that attempt to smear her by calling her a transwoman, this ain’t true. Just as when Ann Coulter called John Edwards a “fag,” slurs based on immutable characteristics such as gender orientation, sexuality, skin color, etc. do not hurt their intended targets in the way they hurt our brothers and sisters who have those characteristics. Anyone who intimates that Ann Coulter is not a woman, in this diary’s comments, will have their comments swiftly hidden (one hopes.) TUs, please help if necessary. I’m sorry to have to write this here, but the history is clear.

Now, onward to the freude!

What a fool she is. When Romney gets what he wants he will dump his whore to the curb like the pimp he is. Ann tried to jump the shark and ended up being eaten by a megalodon which promptly spit her chewed body out because it had no meat on it.


STFU, Ann. You no longer matter to conservatives, you sold out for political expediency and “electability,” what you say no longer matters. Go home and eat a couple of Whoppers and large fries.

Yep! No longer does Ann get to be a skinny, desirable, attractive (to Republicans) woman. Since all women only have value in proportion to their looks, the Republicans now must sentence Ann to get fat.

Even if she believes Romney is the best candidate her shrill all-or-nothing hawking of him has greatly lowered her stock among conservatives.

Shrill? Are you talking about the same Ann Coulter?? heh.

Even worse, we have Clint Eastwood making socialist commercials!

This cannot stand folks; we have to whip the under 100K crowd back into shape; they are getting too big for their britches…and those are usually pretty big britches.

Side note: if you want to cure gay males, have them go to a male locker room when a bunch of the tea party males are in there….yech!


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