Mittens says: “don’t panic”

Published February 8, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Ok, last night, crazy Rick Santorum (please don’t google this) blew us away.

But the campaign of Willard “Mittens” Romney told us all not to worry:


Please see below a memo from our Political Director Rich Beeson, “The Road Ahead – A Reality Check.”

Some quick takeaways:

No delegates are being selected today. The delegate count tomorrow morning will remain the same as it is today. Gov. Romney has a significant delegate lead – he is the only candidate to have earned delegates in every available contest.

Missouri is strictly a beauty contest (see ABC News: “Why Missouri Is Holding a ‘Meaningless’ Primary”). The primary being held today is completely divorced from any delegate allocation, and Missouri will hold an entirely separate caucus next month. We plan to compete in the actual Missouri contest in March.

As our campaign has said from the outset, Mitt Romney is not going to win every contest. John McCain lost 19 states in 2008, and we expect our opponents will notch a few wins, too. But unlike the other candidates, our campaign has the resources and organization to keep winning over the long run. A winning conservative message, hard work, and old-fashioned delegate math will win this race for Governor Romney.

Matt Rhoades

P.S. Donate $11.44 today and help us get to the 1,144 delegates we need to win the nomination

Really….we shouldn’t worry….too much….


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