The Real Willard “Mittens” Romney: Likeable? Likeable enough…

Published January 31, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Remember this line from the Demon-crat 2008 race:

Well, that applies to our favorite son, Willard “Mitt the Mormon” Romney. Evidently a Mr. Frank Rich (evil LIE-beral) doesn’t seem to “get it”:

Back in the thick of the 2008 Republican presidential race, I asked a captain of American finance what he had made of Mitt Romney when they were young colleagues at Bain & Company. “Mitt was a nice guy, a smart businessman, and an excellent team player,” he ­responded without missing a beat. Then came the CEO’s one footnote, delivered with bemusement, not pique: “Still, whenever the rest of us would go out at the end of the day, we’d always find ourselves having the same conversation: None of us had any idea who this guy was.”

Here we are in 2012, and nothing has changed. What Romney’s former colleague observed of the young Mitt at close range decades ago could stand as the judgment of most Americans watching him at a cable-news remove now. That’s why his campaign has so often been on the ropes. That’s why, in a highly polarized nation, the belief that Romney is a phony may be among the very last convictions still bringing left, right, and center together. As a focus-group participant evocatively told pollster Peter Hart in November, Romney reminded him of the “dad who’s never home.” Nonetheless, this phantom has spent most of the campaign as the “presumed” front-runner for his party’s nomination. Amazingly, this conventional wisdom held up throughout 2011, even though 75 percent of Romney’s own party was searching so frantically for an alternative that Donald Trump enjoyed a nanosecond bump in the polls.

The article goes on, blah, blah blah. Who is Willard “Mittens” Romney? Simple: he is a rich guy who will cut the taxes of the deserving (wealthy Republicans). That’s who. The following tells you what you need to know:

When forced to interact with actual people, he tries hard, but his small talk famously takes the form of guessing a voter’s age or nationality (usually incorrectly) or offering a greeting of “Congratulations!” for no particular reason. […]

many who “have known or worked with Romney” and view him as “a man who sometimes seems to be looking not into your eyes but past them.” Former business and political colleagues are in agreement that he has scant interest in mingling with people in even casual social interactions (in a hallway, for instance) and displays “little desire to know who people are.” He so “rarely went out with the guys in any social venue” that one business associate dubbed him the Tin Man for “his inability to bond.” During his one term as governor of Massachusetts, Romney was inaccessible to legislators, with ropes and elevator settings often restricting access to his suite of offices. He was notorious, one lawmaker explained, for having “no idea what our names were—none.”

To this I say: GOOD!!!! No REAL Republican cares about those making less than 250K a year; why should we? We run America, we give America its value and therefore WE are the important ones.

Sure the riff-raff are humans and we need a certain percentage of their votes….but getting too personal with them is dangerous.

Note: some might point out that I am making (far) less than 250K at the moment, but that is only because President Barack HUSSEIN Obama is holding businesses back with regulations, taxes, etc.

I don’t have the data to back up that claim but I just KNOW it is true.


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