NewtMittegdon! (says Daily Kos)

Published January 24, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

This debate is disgusting. Right now it is just Mittens and Nasty Newt just yelling at each other:

“you were a lobbyist” “no I wasn’t; you’re a liar”. “Republicans won seats under me and lost them under you.” “You supported more Medicare and Cap and Trade”. “You are phony”. “You are fat”. Ok, they didn’t really say the last one.

Mittens will have to find some black guy to yell at.

Dodd-Frank sucks. Financial institutions are over-regulated.

Good…Mittens says that banks and financial institutions are POORLY regulated and that Newt has lowered Mittens’ taxes to zero.


Ok, they are sucking up to the Cubans.

Paul: the Cold War is over; we propped up Castro with all of the sanctions…and we talked to the Soviets and Chinese. Why shouldn’t we trade with Cuba? We are living in the dark ages…it is NOT 1962.

Santorum: The JIHADISTS are coming to South America!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Paul: what about “The US is special and the rules that apply to everyone else don’t apply to us” do you not understand?

Ooooh….they have a babe on the journalist team.

Rick Santorum: nuke Iran. Obama sucks, Iran is a huge threat to the WHOLE WIDE WORLD and WE SHOULDN’T ALLOW IT. WE SHOULDN’T ALLOW IRAN. IRAN is coming for us to attack US!!!!

DRILL MORE off of the coast of Florida!!!

Languages: English only but campaign fliers in other languages are ok.

But Mr. Paul says that states can print ballots in other languages.

Newt: wouldn’t veto the DREAM act out of hand if they serve in the military. Mittens says “me too”.

Mittens: Obama sucks. He has no plans for NASA but he spends too much and plays too much golf.

Now it is getting boring; ZZZZZZZZ.


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