Is Mitt Romney our Hillary Clinton?

Published January 22, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Yes, Willard “Mittens” Romney was our establishment “inevitable” nominee, just like Hillary Clinton was for the Demon-crats in 2008.

Memory lane: Barack HUSSEIN Obama won the Iowa caucuses and Queen Hillary cried her way to a win in New Hampshire.

So then, she lead in the polls:

Then Brack HUSSEIN Obama got a bunch of blacks to vote for him in South Carolina (as Bill Clinton noted):

What happened next (after two primaries that didn’t count due to their being stripped of delegates) was Super Tuesday; that ended in a rough tie. But the Clinton campaign didn’t prepare for the contests after that and Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s campaign did; that ended in 10 victories in a row and that stretch gave him the margin of victory; the elections were mostly a tie after that.

So, is this happening to our Mittens?

Probably not. Newt is nasty and he does a good job of talking down to black people; he doesn’t go for that-there PC stuff. He knows that the real victims in US society are wealthy white men.

Nevertheless, he lacks the charm and political skill (and campaign cash) that Barack Hussein Obama has/had; Mittens and his super pacs have enough money to buy win this election.

I think.


4 comments on “Is Mitt Romney our Hillary Clinton?

  • So this site is for backwards, uneducated, fearful, ignorant, fact ignoring hateful bigots? Enjoy the factless fear based hate. So glad I don’t know any of you hateful assholes.

    Moderator’s note We will be praying for you.

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