The Lush Bites the Dust….

Published January 19, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

Rick Perry is dropping out.

So this just leaves the Magic Underwear wearing cultist (but very rich guy), the triple chinned serial adulterer and a couple of fringe whack jobs.

So RFC readers: who should we back: the very rich cultist or the less rich adulterer?


2 comments on “The Lush Bites the Dust….

  • But if only it was that simple. Normally the obvious choice would be the very rich guy, someone who has a proven track record, someone who absolutely would keep taxes at their lowest for the rest of the 1%. One has to ask, did he make his million$$$ from witchcraft involving those magic underwear. I shudder to think what would happen to this country, The Lord’s Wrath if someone who totally rejected Jesus as Lord. You know he can’t commit adultery as he would just marry them and bring them home as sister brides. It hasn’t been disclosed how many wives he may have all ready. The Morons, the “Church of the “Ladder” Day Saints think that come the rapture they will climb a golden ladder, with their golden plates. children and all their wives. Sadly they will find that Joseph Smith was missing a few rungs on his ladder.

    Barack Osama Saddam Hussein Obama, besides being an atheist and a Muslim at least went to a Christian church, Negro Liberation Theology no less for 20 years. He claims to accept Jesus as Lord at least some of the time. Mittens and his magic underwear thinks bat shit crazy Joseph Smith is lord and I have never seen the True Bible KJV 1611 inscribed on a set of golden plates, but that is a thought.

    Now back to the triple chin serial adulterer. He is not that rich. To his credit it has all been female affairs, he’s never been caught in a public men’s room, not yet anyway. We don’t have to worry about wide stance or foot tapping when he is involved in things not discussed in public. What troubles me most about Newt is religion. He was supposedly raised as a Lutheran, whatever that is, but saw the Light and became a True Christian Southern Baptist, but only when it became politically convenient. He now claims to have converted to the idol, Mary Worshipping Cathylicks. He kisses the Pope’s (the Antichrist) ring and God knows what other places.

    We are faced with a contest that pits magic underwear against magic idols. We could see a debate and test if Newt’s candles will burn Mitten”s magic underwear. It seems unthinkable to change from Osama Obama and get something worse. Not a single candidate, not even the real wacko jobs has mentioned going to Biblical Law, changing birth certificates to moment of conception certificates and enforcing post natal abortions when the children are disobedient or demon possessed,

    • Well, the values of our stock portfolios have improved under the Atheist-Muslim from Kenya so perhaps you have a point.

      But President Obama has yet to admit (in public) that he is a Republican and at least Nasty Newt and Mormon Mitt admit it.

      Candles vs. Underwear: I like that, though it sounds just a bit “Unchristian”, if you know what I mean. šŸ™‚

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