The “Newtron” Bomb dropped by Gingrich….I don’t get it

Published January 12, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

I don’t get it: why is this ad being run in a REPUBLICAN campaign? I don’t see the problem here. Since when does a Republican care what a bunch of toothless poor old people think?

“Killing jobs for big financial rewards…”…what exactly is wrong with that????


2 comments on “The “Newtron” Bomb dropped by Gingrich….I don’t get it

  • So Michael Moore made a new movie? If only he wasn’t a magic underwear Moron. And Newt, what is a newt, a lizard that doesn’t regrow his tail? A True Christianity meter is going to register a very disappointing for what we have to choose from. Newt raised a Lutheran, whatever that is, but saw the light, became a Southern Baptist. But then he converts and becomes a Mary Worshipper. I guess he managed to skip over the altar boy or alter boy stage when the Priests do their dirty work.

    Sadly, re-electing an atheist Kenyan might not be the worth thing.

    It has come to my attention that our “neighbours” north of the border have grown so concerned they have offered to run things and enter the election as the Canada Party. If just one of our candidates was half as George Bush like (greatest president ever) Stephen Harper

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