An idea whose time as come: voting rights….

Published January 6, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

I was on the road AGAIN….the CEO still won’t let me on his corporate jet (dang that Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his class warfare!).

Being bored, I decided to listen to the left-wing socialist NPR and there they were, complaining about “voting rights” and requiring voters to have a valid photo ID.

They gave some sob story of rural voters possibly not having a birth certificate or having the money to pay the necessary fees to get a FREE state ID.

Come on!!! Are you serious?

Frankly, I suggest that we go another direction.

I suggest that we put a “minimum wealth requirement” in order to be able to vote. It doesn’t have to be much; say one’s assets should exceed one’s debts by, oh, maybe 250,000 dollars or some token amount like that (your retirement account plus house equity should cover that…easily…if you are any kind of Republican at all).

After all, WE are the ones affected by policy; why should the slackers and freeloaders have any say at all?

Where do you read Jesus saying that the poor should be able to vote?


One comment on “An idea whose time as come: voting rights….

  • This would be getting back to the basic Constitution as our founding fathers intended it. They even including a back up measure of the Electoral College to insure that important decisions and elections were determined by the most qualified, the wealthy landowners and business elite (modern day republicans). This formerly great nation existed for 150 years before first giving women the right to vote and then more recently coloreds and even Mexicans.

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