Very Tight In Iowa…so far

Published January 4, 2012 by republicanfaithchat

This is via CNN; we are determining who will unseat Barack HUSSEIN Obama: a magic underwear wearing cultist, a Papist who is available because he lost his reelection bid for the Senate, and a crazy Neo-Confederate.

13 percent of the vote is in…and it is tighter than Kim Kardashian’s spandex.

Update: 25-25-21: Santorum, Romney and Paul in that order with the Papist holding about a 50 vote lead. 88 percent of the vote is in.

Who are we going to endorse? This is tough; the Lord wants Rich Republicans to remain Rich and Mr. Romney is far and away the best choice for that. But can we, in good conscience, vote for a flip-flopping hell-bound cultist????

Oh, what is the Christian Republican thing to do?


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