Observations from the “Almost 1 percent” while travelling this great land….

Published December 28, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

I don’t want people thinking that I put on airs just because I am (almost) in the income bracket where President Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants to raise taxes. There are cold, hard facts to be faced:
1. I don’t get a new Lexus every year
2. I sometimes “rough it” by driving from place to place on our socialist Interstate Highway system. That means that I sometimes encounter riff raff those of lesser economic and educational success levels, mostly at, ugh…rest stops. But hey, if one has to go, one has to go….the call of nature becomes more frequent for us middle aged males.

Then there are motel and hotel rooms. I try to stay “with my own kind” at such places, but the internet has cheapened some once more exclusive places….and when one overestimates one’s ability to keep driving; well, sometimes one will stay in a 50-60 dollar a night dive.

I did the latter last night only to see the bottom of what our society has to offer: there was this overweight woman in jeans and a spandex top….how many rolls of blubber could I count? Anyway she had a hideous dye job (hair) and was yelling white trash type stuff into her cell phone.

Eventually she and a companion walked off to find some Golden Corral type restaurant:

I shook my head sadly….it isn’t pretty.

Yes, “Sweetie”, you do look as bad as you think that you do:

These are the kind of people that we want to give our hard earned tax dollars to? Yuck!!!

Happily, many of these are still on our side…some even have stuff about our Kenyan atheist-Muslim president on their car’s bumpers (even if they don’t have mufflers that work).

So where being around these types makes me want to take an extra shower, I should salute and say “aye-aye sir” when I am told to take my clip-board to the local Wall-Mart and sign them up to vote in the Republican primary.

I had better take a whole bottle of hand sanitizer along…and make sure my immunizations are current too.

Oh yes…next time, fly first class, as usual.


One comment on “Observations from the “Almost 1 percent” while travelling this great land….

  • You have described my recent experiences precisely. I had to fill an order for trained Mexican workers before the holiday season. Due to complications I was forced to use a commercial air carrier, Jet Blue. They didn’t even have a separate first class section. There is little safety in first class as all sorts of riff raff can find space by cashing so called “air miles”.

    I too traveled the socialist Interstate highway system, gratefully I did not need to stop and make use of the facilities at “rest stops”. I humbly admit that my needs required using a Best Western, cost $66 dollars a night. I question how long I can bear to continue this business of filling orders for Mexicans directly from Mexico. It has long been profitable, but a true blessing for republicans who simply can’t take chances with hiring labor out on the street. I test and precondition all workers to conform to basic Republican requirements.

    It is true, many are still Mary worshippers, but they have been conditioned (all electrical burns are healed before delivery) to never display outward signs of their idol worship. There will never be any “sign of the cross” blessing in public period, least of all in the work environment. I consider myself very liberal, perhaps to a fault, but have permitted my workers to attend Mass once per month provided it does not conflict with work hours. By means of a private arrangement with a priest, I am given written transcripts of all confessional disclosures.

    Today I find myself in a complete state of shock. The Huffington Post has brought to my attention a new vile practice too horrible to contemplate. Satan truly has his hands in this. I don’t want to use the vulgar “T” word, the “devil’s fingers” non- Christian women use from leaking on the floor during their monthly curse. One more reason women should remain confined to a menstrual shack during their time of uncleanliness. Young sex crazed harlots are soaking these “devil’s fingers” in vodka and then inserting them into their “lady parts”. What is even more unthinkable, these vodka fingers have crossed the gender barrier and young men are inserting them into Satan’s orifice, a practiced called “butt chugging”. I don’t even know to broach this topic in our weekly men;s Bible study and Friday Night Foot Washing get togethers. The latest rage among young Satan’s minions, how to get drunk without actually drinking. No alcohol breath, maybe only a tell tale sign of a little string hanging from a place that must cause Jesus to weep. Can there be any doubt that the end times are upon us?

    We should all pray, Dear Lord, please lift us up soon

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