Attire Police: confronting slutty attire!!!!!

Published December 12, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

(click on the small photo to see the larger photo at the source).

What is this? Is this a creep shot done by some Sinful testosterone poisoned male?

No; it was a Righteous Woman doing her duty:

We decided to drive out to Old Navy this afternoon to use my gift card and let the girls spend their birthday money on some new clothes for school.[…]

While I was waiting for them to try everything thing on, I noticed a very inappropriately dressed woman.

Yeah, that’s her ass cheek. It’s not like she was a young woman, either. She had to be in her mid to late forties. And that ass cheek there was the least of what I saw. Her son was in the fitting room trying on clothes, and she kept bending over to check the fit on him. Not a very pretty picture, in my opinion.

When I snapped the photo, the woman didn’t notice, but one of the girls working in the fitting room did. Later, when Sarah asked me what I had taken a photo of, I responded, “Inappropriateness.”

We need MORE of that in our society! Take that as an example: each of you, especially Righteous Republican Christian males, should do some research.

Feel free to send Republican Faith Chat the fruits of your labors; we can then pray over the correct action to take.


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