Republican Faith Chat: Sinful Saturday

Published December 3, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

I haven’t decided on what to do with Republican Faith Chat; things just aren’t the same without Tiffany Wellsley and Prophetess Debbie.

But one thing is certain: we will take a stand for Christian morality.
In this spirit, I am considering doing a regular feature: Sinful Saturday. The idea will be for me (or us) to direct devote Christian Republican men to clean up the internet by ridding it of all sorts of Unchristian influences.

The first step is to do some deep prayer to get into the mood. The next step is to do the internet research. The next step is to make other Godly Republican Christians to join in the search.

So, for our first installment, we will focus on a Satanic influence on youtube: the absolutely sinful, Unchristian series called “Watch Me Shrink”.

Here is how it works: some tarts decided to announce that they want to lose weight (a good thing, in some instances). But then they take off all of their clothes (except for their underwear) and then they brazenly pose in their Satanic seductive attire.

Here are some vile examples: (click on the thumbnail to see the vile, Satanic, Unchristian video)


2 comments on “Republican Faith Chat: Sinful Saturday

    • Now, I must warn you: do not attempt to follow these links unless you are in a complete state of surrender to your Christian Republican Male duty. And for Heaven’s Sake, remember what happened to Onan in the Bible!

      Go to youtube and enter “watch me shrink” into the search bar; you will be directed to scores of videos of heathen temptresses posing in very tiny undergarments.

      I’ve studied these videos dozens,….well…hundreds of times checking for Satanic influences.

      Oh, for some reason, my carpal tunnel problem flared up again…not sure as to why.

      In His Name…

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