GOP 2012 Field Series: Jon Huntsman

Published November 25, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

This is our first in our series on the candidates to wrest the Presidency away from the Keynesian Kenyan Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Candidate One:  Jon Huntsman.


Weaknesses:  magic underwear wearing cultist.

Fatal Flaw:  via the socialist/Satanic New York Times:

In a Twitter message sent Thursday afternoon, Mr. Huntsman wrote:

To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.Thu Aug 18 17:57:52 via Twitter for iPhoneJon Huntsman

The message was a direct shot at his newest rival, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who said this week that climate change was “a scientific theory that has not been proved” and called evolution “just a theory.”

Trust scientists?  Believe in evolution?

This gentleman is running in the wrong primary.  I am half surprised that he doesn’t lobby Barack HUSSEIN Obama to be his running mate.



3 comments on “GOP 2012 Field Series: Jon Huntsman

  • What in heavens name happened to the other site? June did something especially awful, didn’t she? That woman is trouble with a capital ‘T’ … she is always up to some sort of shenanigans, kinda like those kids from Scooby Doo… if they were slutty, drugged up, alkies, with a penchant for sex in truck stop bathrooms, a slim grasp on the english language and VERY questionable hygiene… come to think of it she kind of reminds me of Velma except Velma wasn’t illiterate like June.

    • I don’t know; evidently Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s internet police got it shut down for a “terms of service” violation. Of course, I have not been anointed as a Messenger of The Christ and will happily defer to the proprietors should they restart RFC elsewhere.

      Sister June has a youtube channel and perhaps can be contacted there.

  • Oh, Muffy….come on now ! I’ll not have a harsh word said about Velma -she doesn’t have the obvious aesthetic attributes of Daphne, so probably doesn’t get much (if any) sack-time fun. She would, therefore, be far more desperate to please and would probably be more inclined to engage in stuff that her less gullible peers might baulk at…………..”yes Velma – of course it’s perfectly normal to stick that in there…….all normal couples do this…….honest……………ahhhhh, there’s a good girl……, pass me that squirrel will you”…..

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