Welcome to Republican Faith Chat!

Published November 21, 2011 by republicanfaithchat

Ok, the forces of Satan have removed the previous incarnation of Republican Faith Chat.  But that won’t stop the work of The Almighty!

So welcome to the new version, which we will keep up until the old proprietors restart the former blog by that name.

So welcome….unless you are an atheist, liberal, scientist, evolutionist, Obama supporter, supporter of Keynesian economics, think that the world is more than 6000 years old, think that there are books more important than the 1611 version of the King James Bible, etc.

We’ll be adding posts over the next month or so; we’ll be critiquing the current GOP (“God’s Own Party”) field which, at present moment, doesn’t look so promising.  But we must retake the Presidency from the Muslim/Atheist/Liberation Theology  Communist/Nazi/Socialist Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

It isn’t right that the poor are going to get health care at the expense of the righteous (rich) Conservative Christian Republicans who, after all, are the TRUE Americans.

Really, check this out:


Clearly, this President doesn’t know what is truly important!  He mentioned things like tough economic times, our military, etc.  But where is the mention of The Almighty and JESUS????

Anyway, more later.  I just hope I can avoid the riff-raff lining up to buy junk they don’t need with money that they don’t have.





6 comments on “Welcome to Republican Faith Chat!

  • Now we need a prophet, we need June Gordon and some good topics for proper topics that involve the KJV 1611. I try not to pay much attention to politics as I have trouble with the Poe concept. I do love the republicans, but surely it is all a satire. Of course the demoncrats aren’t much better, but it would be nice if you could expect more.

    I’ll have to devise a better name. Back before Landover went where it is now, I used to post under Murray O’Hair. I had the good luck of seeing Madalyn Murray O’Hair in maybe 1963 (5th grade) and her speech was a major influence in shaping my views of organized religion and the importance of separation of church and state.

    Now if someone could just spank the behind off that evil harlot Kim Kardashian! I would support Bible based law toward members of Congress

  • Just as a public stoning, it needs to be a group effort by True Christian men. Due to Ollie’s dedication to tracking and trying to rid the Internet of the disgusting porn, his work should be rewarded the honor of the initial session. Rome was not built in a single day. It is going to require a substantial effort to rid this temptress of her Satanic behind. It needs to be filmed to serve as a warning to other soiled women who may have fallen under her Satanic spell.

    Bent Hand Cow Worshipper, I still suspect your contorted hand is from chronic “master-baiting”. You need to work on cleansing your soul, your body, but especially your hands before you dare to smack her bared flesh. Oils and lotions can be applied for the protection of our skin. If our arms should tire we can handle it with ping pong paddles. Bible verses can be recited during breaks and to apply soothing ointments, we aren’t sadists. The objective should be her possible salvation, the sin, Satan’s grasp is in her behind.

    Reading the Bible while gentling applying soothing lotions should give positive reward reinforcement provided by The Lord, His Word and the true pleasure that awaits the chosen few for eternity.

  • “Satan’s grasp is in her behind”

    I doubt that’s the only thing in her behind ! From its (rather entrancing) appearance, I suspect there’s a lot of highly pressurised silicone, which could make said paddling a quite risky undertaking, so I would recommend donning the following attire:

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